Monday, October 6, 2014

Roioles @ Oriyals American League Baseball

Always been hard for me to say, HARDER TO IMAGINE

I never thought really, the Kansas City Royals had a real chance against the Anaheim (California) (Los Angeles) Angels.  But they have pulled off a monumental upset in sweeping the AL West Champs, the winningest team in the whole league this year~!
In baseball, you never know what, or who to expect really
to show up in the playoffs (Red Sox, '13).

Goodbye Angels, So long Trout. Adios Alberto. Take some more time off, Josh.
and get to know the word "Losers".  Los Ersgeles, maybe,
if all goes right, along the Mississippi tonight.

Goodbye Detroit, please go silently into that formally vibrant, Michigan stillness and winter dead.

,: -'}

Once AL Baseball's also-rans, the ugly little sisters of errors, really, both truly the 'malcontents' of MLB baseball teams for 30+  years,

now vying for the top spot in the 2014 Fall Classic.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
That's baseball.  That's life.

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