Friday, August 29, 2014

The Malcontent's Revenge?

Last week, I didn't post so very much, because I have been dealing with some disturbing, vague, growing consistent inconsistencies, let's call it that, at two particular Tribal casinos in my area.
So far.
     Since mid July, this year.

I cannot add more than that, legally, but I will say at this point, "Durant, you have a problem~!"
And the OK Tax Commission will learn of it.  I have no choice.

Your standards have become noticeably careless and lax,  I've found two specific & ongoing,
ProbleMs, descremptencies with your money handlings.

All this, from the guy who initiated the landmark Oklahoma investigation against the Creek Nation Casino in Muskogee, ol' pals.
     I have a memory.  And Oh Yeah~,  numbers don't lie.

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