Sunday, October 12, 2014

Then Out of Nowhere, Here Came A Pack of Bulldogs

It has been unusual for a college football fan this season, with all the Week-6 upsets and all. 

Oklahoma fell to TCU, Oregon bowed to Arizona, Alabama dropped the game with Ole Miss, and if you hadn't heard yet, Bryant ended Bucknell's 9-game winning streak, 34-15.

Under the radar, was the hapless Mississippi State Bulldogs, 
quietly whipping their opponents, out of earshot of the national press, going undefeated so far this season.  Mississippi State started the year, ranked number 36 among major college football teams (AP polls).  The next week they were ranked number 31.  Two weeks later, they are at number 28, still unlisted in the country's elite 'Top 25' rankings.

But then they "upset" the Tigers of LSU, 34-29, in Baton Rouge. That caused them to take a real jump in the polls, to number 14. Pollsters began to notice~  there's a serious team in Starkville.  And you'd better take them seriously, too, when you'll take the field against them.  

The next week was a bye week for the Bulldogs, yet they still climbed in the polls to number 12, thanks to some of the other upsets of higher ranked teams, the most common refrain of this most unusual college gridiron season.

Last week, the Bulldogs welcomed 
#6 ranked Texas A&M to Starkville with a 48-31 beat down, and it was 
at this game where Bulldog quarterback Dak Prescott really showed himself to be a hot commodity in the NFL market, as well as alot of high regard as a dark horse Heisman Trophy candidate.

By then, at that point Mississippi State could stop and claim that it had been a very successful year.  But these dogs are in it for the whole fight-- and they kept/keep getting better and better.

And they rose to be tied for #3 in the nation, along with state Egg Bowl foe, Ole Miss.  What is this world coming to??

Yesterday, their biggest challenge so far in an increasingly challenging season of Southeast Conference football:  number 2 ranked Auburn came calling to Starkville....  Only to leave with it's worst loss in their past 45 games, 38-23, at the teeth of the Bulldogs' defense and Prescott's skills and leadership.

Where will they be ranked today?  From #36 to #31 to #33 to #28 to #14 to #12 to #3
before Saturday's win over #2 Auburn.  

Maybe at the top, where they oughtta be?

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