Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"... Up to Date in Kansas City"

It took awhile for the long suffering sports fans in Kansas City to be able to celebrate like they have over the past two days!  What, 29 years or so?

Monday night, the city's NFL team demolished the New England Patriots on national TV, 
41-14 at Arrorhead Stadium.

And then last night:  What a great start of October baseball, with an unbelievable, thrilling comeback victory, for the Royals in extra innings over the Oakland A's, 9-8, next door to Arrowhead, in Kaufman Stadium.

The baseball game didn't look very good for the Royals after 6 innings, as the A's held a 7-3 lead, and their ace pitcher on the mound.  After falling behind by four runs, the Royals raced back with their speed on the bases -- they led the majors with 153 steals this season.   Kansas City swiped seven in this one to tie a postseason record previously shared by the 1907 Chicago Cubs and 1975 Cincinnati Reds. 
(Two teams, who went on to win World Series, you'll remember)

I'd not watched many (read 'ANY') Royals' games this season, but last night's late fireworks made me recall "Whitey Ball", the brand of speed baseball which Hall of Fame manager Whitey Herzog formulated for the early 1980s Royals and later the St. Louis nine.

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It was great to be a U.S.-heartland sports fan these last two nights, having the east coast's Patriots humiliated, then the west coast's A's denied the next.

What next?  The Kansas Jayhawks take the NCAA basketball crown next April ??

Why not another I-70 World Series, months before that?           
Why, Don Denkinger could be invited to throw "OUT" 
the ceremonial first pitch...

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