Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Visit Beautiful, Historic Downtown
Idabel, Oklahoma


The Home of OKC Muslim Murderer, Alton Nolen. 
Now do you see what I mean about 'Craphole??


Mike said...

I just watched the first video b/c that was the only one that showed up in my feed just now.

Sheesh, I read your rant about Idabel yesterday but didn't realize how horrible it must be to live there, thought you MUST be exaggerating. I just now went to see where it is and I've never really been close to that part of Oklahoma. I love the state, but think I'll stay away from that part.

The Local Malcontent said...

Yeah, stop driving when you get to our driveway. I'll give you a tour from there.
Sad thing about Idabel, is that this town has really been this way for all my life- 45 years. It seems stuck in the 1960s, if not the 1860s. Slums, ramshackle downtown, corruption in the city government, the works.