Thursday, November 20, 2014

101-year-old woman accused of shooting great-great-granddaughter

API:  Loretta, Rhode Island-  (Appropriately named) Mary Louise Slaughter, 101, of EastCircle, Connecticut, was arrested and detained yesterday after admitting to shooting her 3rd-generation ancestor grand-daughter in the upper chest, authorities said.

On Wednesday, EastCircle, Connecticut police commander Chris Tommandresdre said that the arrest of the great-great-grandmother was indeed a first for his department.  "Yeah, she's in jail in Loretta this afternoon, in a cell designed for handicapped women," the commander said.  
" ... because of the accused' advanced age, she was placed into a 'comfort room cell there."

Slaughter is accused of shooting her granddaughter, Tina Smoot of Fannitale, CT, late Tuesday night, Nov. 18, when Smoot entered her grandmother's assisted-living apartment in EastCircle to check on her elderly grandmother's welfare.

 "Dat ... old bitch shot me in dis shoulder, when I come up to her, an' shakin' her t'wake, to seein' if she alive or not," Ms. Smoot said after leaving the local hospital, to astonished police and news reporters.  

Soon afterward, Ms Smoot posted on her (Cunta-multi) account  "... dat old snatch woke up suddenly 'n seen me, din she shouted 'Gawd save me', an din she pull out dat gun o hers, and she shoot me right here in my shoulder!"

The defendant's legally purchased, 32-caliber handgun was found at the scene.
Ballistics results on the alleged-legal weapon will be available in a week or more.

A grand jury will have to be convened to determine whether elderly Ms. Slaughter will be charged in the obvious criminal assault, or whether the defendant was somehow justified in the attempted murder.

Ms. Slaughter could face life imprisonment, when convicted.

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