Tuesday, November 11, 2014


While searching for an appropriate Google Image to display with this blog post about honoring America's Military Veterans on Veteran's Day, I discovered something so sublime and so precious,
so fundamental:
I was looking for an image of 'generic' Veterans to add here.
Races of the Vets did not matter to me one bit.
For who am I to say that it was a White man, or a Black man, or a Native Indian man,
or Woman,
who should be selected, included herein, with my tribute to America's Finest?

To be brief, I was really surprised to see Google had arranged images by race or gender.
That makes me sad to think Americans generally,
might think that exclusively.

It is an American Military Veteran, of any/all blends whom I honor today and everyday~!

Today, We Honor ALL American Veterans,
TO WHOM we owe our freedom.

Our Great nation America, owes everything 
we hold close and dear, and sacred,
and normal,
to these brave American Sisters and Brothers.

If you wore the uniform of the United States Military, I want to shake your hand, and hug your neck in thanks,
And tell you, sir or madam, you mean the world to me, to my wife, and to our Nation.
Thank You, thank you, thank you.

This prayer by Sister Germaine Fritz, is for each of you friends of mine~!

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