Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Night, 2014 in Yanush

Leticia and I voted this morning at Buffalo Valley High School auditorium, we were numbers 17 & 18, at 7:50 am.  Good turnout; let's hope that every voting booth in America sees a good turnout.

It's going to rain all day and well into the night here in Southeast Oklahoma, so we intend to settle in,
build a fire, and watch the election returns on TV with the sound turned down.
Listening to something like the following instead, in constant hope that the national nightmare of Democratic government will soon be over.  Let's keep our collective fingers crossed.... again this time.

Franz Liszt's emotional Hungarian Rhapsody #2, reflecting the highs and the lows of anticipation:

.... until then, check out this photo of an elephant stampede:


Mike said...

The Amarillo Globe-News Facebook page posted that Abbott was the projected winner of the governor's race here in Texas and while there were loads of "Thank God!" posts, there were a few hand-wringing doom 'n gloom replies along w/ some hateful ones.

Not sure about other races, but it sure looks like the talk of "Turning Texas Blue!" was nothing more than wishful thinking. I doubt there will be much "purple" except in the big cities.

Mike said...

Oh, and I love the music!

The Local Malcontent said...

Gazillions of people, over 205 years, agree with you Mike, the music is extraordinary~

YOU have a great day, alright?