Thursday, November 13, 2014

Promptly, At Least~ The GOP RNC Responds To My Complaint

Whether or not the Republicans actually do anything, IS A DIFFERENT MATTER, as we all already know.

I made some phone calls yesterday morning, and composed two emails directed to Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus. All related to a banal, asinine survey which I received two days ago.
Here is My first 'gentle' email: 10:39 AM (14 hours ago)
to Reince

Dear friend,
I DID NOT 'sign up as a member of the Republican National Committee's online community.

Please note the difference: I am a Conservative, as most of your supporters are.

The GOP had better recognize us Conservatives during the next two years, with appointments to critical committee appointments within the Senate and within the House of Representatives, or We Will Abandon you in the next election year.


You'd better, because I am only one of millions of Conservative voters, sir, and heyyah, there is now a 'Conservative Party' alternative candidate.

This IS NOT a threat, please sir; just a solemn recommendation for you, an urging for you and the GOP to follow.

I will instead continue to contribute to individual candidates, and NOT THE GOP at large. Until you make the difference, and the change to the conservative politics WE Americans support.

Thank you for your consideration,

The Local Malcontent,
Talihina, Oklahoma


Well, I got a reply from Priebus, sort of-  from his secretary at least~ it is copied here below.

His closing, condescending remarks about 'being part Native Indian' notwithstanding...

I'm not convinced.  Actions would sure persuade me though~

Dear Local,
I am Chuck DeFeo, Chief of Staff for RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

Our office received your emails and calls referencing our survey and apparently your response at your Internet blog site.

Local, YOU are the Republican Party, and your conservative values are OURS too. Americans like you who cherish values like Thrift, like Cutting Federal Spending, and Second Amendment Protections are also the heart of the Republican Party.

The Republican National Committee has heard from many thousands of Americans just like you, and Reince Preibus and the Republican National Committee have heard you.

Local, your input is valuable. I encourage you and every American with similar, time-tested values to reach out to this office, or to your Congressional representative, your Senator(s) with any matter which you feel important to you. Because that issue also matters to us.

Personally, Local, I am part Native American myself. My mother's family came from the Piscataway Nation. My great-grandmother was a Piscataway tribal member, and her values of family and tradition are also mine, having been handed down through family.

Kindest Regards, Many Thanks,

Chuck DeFeo
RNC Depuity Chief of Staff

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