Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Answer: 3,415

The Question: "How many brand new regulations were quietly dropped on the American people, late Friday night, before Thanksgiving, 2014?"

The comment:  ~About 3,414 TOO MANY.

Small time mob boss & controversial leader
Barry Obama and his executive agencies' underlings have quietly posted the new regulations under which we must comply,
until a competent, sane leader is elected.
And LO! the obvious transparency of this evil leader's deviant, new rules.  From  Regulations Info , THIS RUN-AROUND:
I chose a random, seemingly innocuous-sounding regulation to check, called "Clarification of Eligibility of Fleeing Felons", thinking that any regulation of food stamp eligibility
regarding 'fleeing felons applying for food stamps'

oughtta be a real good thing, right??

I still don't know if it is, or not~ because the abstract's links at Clarification of Eligibility (NO~!) of Fleeing Felons, leads NOWHERE.

~WOW, just like Obama's so-called 'leadership'!!  lovingly lifted, blah, blah, blah...

Whereupon, clicking any link which appears on this page, 
sends you to the same page.  
You cannot get any answers no matter how hard you try.

Click on the link called "CFR Citation", or click on the link called "Legal Authority", or click on the link called "FR Cite", and you will be forwarded to this same page/image:

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