Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The GOP Offers Up a One-Question Survey

Really, that's the way you show leadership, Grand Old Party, by offering a one-question survey for your supporters, your voters,
your electoral saviours, to answer??

Hyperbole, plain and simple.
?????    ?????
Folks, we are in trouble, again.  The following, copied
from Gee Opie~! dot com  the republicans... this is insipid.

"What do you believe should be the first thing Republicans do in the new Congress?"

Reform our tax code

Approve the Keystone Pipeline

Repeal ObamaCare

Enact a jobs bill that grows America’s economy

Reduce government regulations and red tape

Impede Obama’s executive actions on immigration

Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment

Cut Washington spending and reduce the National Debt

Stop Obama’s War on Coal


What a load of crap~! We are in trouble if our new Congressional leaders, the Republicans, come to us and have to ask in the first place;  then these choices shown above, some are impossible ('pass a balanced budget amendment'), some are impossible without a Conservative residing in the White House, and  the two most important issues** vital to the American economy, in my opinion, are not even on the list.  And notice too, there is NO place to write in your own answer.

This is identical to one of Bill or Hillary's Listening Tours, I think.  It's all for show.  And It's insulting to our integrity and to our intelligence.

Guess What?  By the end of the day, Mr. Rince Preibus or whatever his name is, will damn sure know mine, and what I think about his little dog-and-pony survey.

** Close the Southwest Border NOW, and then slash the Corporate Tax rate to become not only more competitive, but the ONLY PLACE on the planet where corporations want to open factories for business~

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