Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Paid, Fawning Crowds Long Gone~
Now The Obama Obscurity

Mr. Obama has his memories to warm him in his middle-age, of the times when he would take the stage at some political rally or campaign stump, at which (camera-ready) front-row women would spontaneously faint at the sight of him.

Norma Desmond,  in her "Obamaed" obscurity

Long gone are those days.  Ohh, what to do now-a-days? Because foreign countries do not invite the Obamas over for tea or for sight-seeing anymore either, the controversial leader of the U.S. has been pushed into the tiniest corner, just his Oval Office, positively unimaginable by his earlier rocket ignitions.

For all the talk that this midterm election was about nothing, 2014 really was just about one thing: Barack Obama’s failure to live up to his presidency’s promise in almost every domestic and foreign policy arena.

After being totally abandoned by Congressional Democrats during their campaigns this fall, Mr. Obama instead went to the aid of state governor candidates such as Illinois' Pat Quinn, Massachusetts' Martha Coakley, and Maryland's "Downtown" Tony Brown.  All three gubernatorial candidates lost.   As did Democratic Charlie Crist in Florida.

Talk about a narcissist's total rejection and revulsion by literally everybody else~!

You talk about a mandate from, and by the American People, it was last night's election results, fully rejecting the racist-based, progressive agenda of one Barack Hussein Obama, soon to be known as the worst ever leader of the United States of America.

And I really hope that soon, within the American English lexicon, that the word "Obama" will become synonymous with "being skunked", beaten SOO badly that the Obamaed group may well never recover.  It may take the (socialist) Democrat Party 15 years or more to heal from this beating.

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