Friday, November 7, 2014

The Sycamore and The Dickweed

Controversial leader Barack Hussein Obama continues to threaten to weaken the United States economy by allowing some 9+ million illegal immigrants to obtain green cards to work here illegally, all in the effort to appease his foreign based contributors to his various campaigns.

For over six years, he's promised his illegals-based constituency that he would enact comprehensive reforms to the immigration problem along our Southwest border with Mexico.  
Several times, he's postponed that administrative action, due 
always and entirely for politically sensitive reasons.

He has destroyed the Democratic party so thoroughly, to the point where whatever he does now, or in the next 26 months of his rule, HE NOR HIS PARTY CARE WHAT DAMAGE TO AMERICA HE DOES.

In this post, I just wish to contrast two nationally renowned Black men; one, a humble artist, Scott Joplin, who only wanted to bring joy to his listeners, and the other, Mr. Obama, who seems bent upon destroying America from the inside out.

Scott Joplin's "The Sycamore":

and Barack Obama, "the Dickweed":




Mike said...

IF Republicans are the rich people and the Democrats are the poorer segment of our population, this action will hurt Obama's supporters the most. If these illegals are granted amnesty, then they'll be taking jobs away from the folks in the lower economic strata...because they'll work for less. That's how I see it, anyway. I can envision a huge backlash over this, one that might drive voters away from the Democrat party forever. (that would be the ONLY good I see coming out of this)

I'm not against immigration "reform" - something needs to be done, but it's definitely not wholesale amnesty. My main objection to it is that it rewards those who broke the law to get into this country and who continue to break it by staying here and working, often under a false or assumed identity. It's akin to not only NOT arresting a shoplifter, but letting him walk out the door with what he'd stolen.

The Local Malcontent said...

! Wish I could put all your comment in BOLD type, Mike~

Mike said...

Well, not so sure it is profound enough for all bold, but I do honestly feel that way. I have quite a few Mexican friends, but they disappoint me when they tell me they're for amnesty. I don't understand why they feel that way - they're all native-born and in some cases, their families have been here since before Texas was even a state.

Not all Hispanics feel that way, though. When my mom was in the hospital, I made friends with a lovely woman around my own age - we both were in the waiting room and she was really upset. Her son had had a horrible accident while working and he wasn't covered by insurance. She wasn't worried about that, though, but that she couldn't afford to stay in Amarillo while he was in the hospital. She had gone to the local Catholic diocese to ask for help, but they turned her down...but they were helping illegals with housing and food and jobs. It offended me that a religious org. would break the law and esp. that they were helping illegals before they would a legal citizen and lifetime member of the Church.

I'm more than a little radical about illegals - I can understand wanting to make a better life for your family, but it's not just that anymore- many are gang members or drug smugglers/mules that simply stay in the country after they make their delivery.

I'd hate to have to see a fence put up all along the border, but where it was done near San Diego severely curtailed the problem in that area. I'd definitely patrol the border and authorize deadly force if needed. Radical? Sure, but nothing that many other countries don't do.

The first offense for an illegal would be immediate deportation - no need for a trial, they don't or shouldn't have the same rights as do legal citizens. If they commit a crime while here, it should be enhanced with something like a mandatory five years tacked onto whatever sentence they get...and at hard labor. Hey, if they're coming over here to work, then let's oblige 'em. Second offense? Tattoo "IA" on their foreheads.

I would also go after the businesses that knowingly hire illegals. First offense, a hefty fine. Second, confiscate their business and jail time.

Also, this sounds racist and might very well be, but so be it. Hispanics are, for the most part, darker skinned. So are people from the Middle East. I have a friend whose son was in the Border Patrol and he told me that while searching for illegals out in the desert, they'd find tons and tons of trash, but what scared him...and terrified me...were the numbers of discarded Muslim prayer rugs. I don't think it's being paranoid to think there are probably already hundreds of terrorist sleeper cells in the country, just waiting for the right time to strike. After all, before 9/11, I never would have dreamed there would have been so many co-ordinated airliner hijackings, would you?

I'm basically a libertarian, but I absolutely disagree with many libertarian's desire for open borders. "A nation without borders is no nation at all." - Ron Paul.