Tuesday, December 9, 2014

39 College Football Bowl Games Ahead

And for once, they mostly seem to be pretty good matchups!

Beware:  What a great time for controversial leader Zerobama to do something outrageous, while Americans are engrossed in Christmas, Hanukkah, and football and New Year's celebrations.

(in all honesty, I'm trying my best to psyche myself up to a level of 'mild interest'; I'm so tired of just being miserable)

Oh yeah, the Bowl games....

There are some pretty interesting match-ups this time around.  Texas vs. Arkansas, Oklahoma vs. Clemson, LSU vs. Notre Dame, Alabama vs. Ohio St.

It will be fun to root for the Longhorns again; the last time I did, was when their team won the 2004 national championship against USC.

I had been a closet Vince Young fan for years, by the time when he led the Longhorns to a miracle win against the Trojans.  

The last time 'my team' won the college football championship, maybe Auburn's win over the Oregon Ducks, too~

My picks:  OU over Clemson, 36-28; Texas whips Arkansas, 28-23; Notre Dame tames the Tigers, 24-3; and Ohio State spoils the Tide's hopes, 45-31.
Also, Oregon will easily defeat the Seminoles, 52-28, thus leading to the first 'OFFICIAL' national Championship game, where 

the Oregon Ducks will defeat the Ohio State Buckeyes, 44-36 in double overtime.

   Oh, the manufactured drama~!  

(and if you didn't notice it, it will be an OU beating an OSU)

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