Friday, December 26, 2014

A Sad 2014 Trend:
Let's All Politicize Every Murder

Controversial US leader and part-time rodeo clown Barry Obama has issued the following, official BS (Banal/Sincere) statement from his Maui-Wowie White House, regarding the murder of Lillie Morris of Jefferson, Maryland:

"Let me be clear: If I had a black grandmother, she might look alot like Lillie Morris.  {Pause Here; add Telegenic Effect}
Ms. Morris' death, at the hands of her granddaughter {INSERT: ALLEGEDLY}, is an all-too-common problem, in, uh, America....
I will be, uh, offering the full services, of my Department of Justice, in the prosecution of, uh, this, uhmm what I'm told is, what I see as a clear example of Hate Crime Injustice against Humanity."

The professional reverend Al Sharpton also responded to the latest in a string of Maryland tragedies:
"I've been contacted by the Maryland NAACP to investigate the possumble racially-movitated, terrible axions of the granddaughter, who may possumbly have been raped earlier this month by mebbers of the Maryland Youniversstie Jazz Band."

"Until I've fully determined that possumble fact, and the po-tential value of it,
I herethrough suggest a nashionwide march and non-virolent riots, sighting "WHAT DO WE WANT?  DEAD GRANDDAUGHTERS.  WHEN DO WE WANT IT?  NOW!"

~ Until total insanity ensues...
~ then these three racists will dial it all back, irresponsibly...
~ & only after all the checks clear, & more innocents killed.

JEFFERSON, Md. - Maryland State Police have arrested the granddaughter of a 67-year-old Frederick County woman who was stabbed and found dying on her front yard. Police have charged 19-year-old Hestina Harris with first-degree murder, second-degree murder and first-degree assault of Lillie Morris.Morris was located by a motorist at around 3 p.m. Monday with multiple stab wounds at the front of her home with no one around. She was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital.

The medical examiner's office ruled her death a homicide. Morris was beloved member in her community. She graduated from Brunswick High School in 1965 and then worked at the school as an instructional assistant, cheerleading coach and club advisor for 29 years.   She even volunteered there after her retirement in 2010.
Police say Harris was arrested Friday at a family member's residence without incident.

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