Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An Early Decision. Ditto Precision.
Ditto Incision.

The Clemson Tigers beat the living crap out of limp, boiled-Okra-homa Sooners 
last night, 40-6, in the Russell Athletic/Fruit of the Loom underwear bowl.  OUCH.

Clemson never allowed the Sooners any room, period, either passing or running the ball.

OU's second-worst bowl game whipping, only to the 2004-05 loss to USC, 55-19, 
Ever.  to Clemson yet.

The St. Louis Cardinals' season cannot begin soon enough
for me~  April 5th in Chicago.

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Mike said...

Sports talk radio was going on about that since the game was played - I guess you can take heart at the Texas loss.

I haven't really been into college football in years - think the last game I watched was when Vince Young was playing for Texas. I used to haul hay on weekends and some hwy. dept guys used to work with us and we'd all listen to the games on the radio, I enjoyed that.

I've grown more and more uninterested in sports as I have grown older; I still keep up w/ the Cowboys and at least this year gave me an excuse to dare hope and be excited for them again. Not sure how they'll do or how far they'll go - I don't make predictions about OR bet on Dallas - but I'm glad they're out of their 8-8 rut.