Saturday, December 20, 2014

BRAVO, to the Duck Dynasty Family

This is a stroke of sheer genius.  And Revenge.  And I love it~!

The family of beleaguered Duck Dynasty, the Robertsons, have exacted some pretty sweet revenge against the homosexual mafia here in America.  With a sublime stroke of genius, prob'ly courtesy of crazy ol' Si Robertson, my guess.

They are the official corporate sponsor of the Independence Bowl football game.  Please, be sure to tune in, and root for your favorite team, either the South Carolina Gamecocks or the Miami U. Hurricanes, Saturday afternoon, December 27, at 2:30 pm CST.  On ABC.

My congratulations to the Robertsons' family for sponsoring this major SEC vs. ACC, thrilling, action-packed game.

And for undermining the gay mafia's agenda~!!  What can the LBGTQA endorse, which America follows as closely as college football?  Mmmm, I'm thinking hard,  ..., ..., ..., 
The LGBTQA National Finals Latchhooking Faceoff.  

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