Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Following the Venezuelan Model

I've been watching two documentaries regarding Hugo Chavez' takeover of Venezuela, over our Christmas/New Year's break.  On YouTube.  The documentaries are in Spanish with English subtitles, all of which adds to the serious, troubling subject matter therein.

I would urge both of my regular readers to consider watching these videos.
And anyone else interested in current, Socialist, Communist movements in
the western hemisphere, here.

I see many similarities between what Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela in the 1990s-2000s, and what Barry Zerobama is trying to do here in the United States of America, right now... and it brings forth a nightmare fear in my mind that soon, Barry may suspend our own Constitution, just as Hugo Chavez did with his very first inauguration to his presidency, saying, "I hereby pledge on this dying Constitution, my devotion".  The similarities are unnerving, are disturbing to me.  What do you think?

The similarities between Venezuela then, and America now, are sickening.   Both nations were once dynamic and positive democracies, but then, social differences became the most important issues, efforts to make the lazy, the un-inspired, the uneducated-by-choice, equal to the energetic mover and shakers of each country. 

 Equal Outcomes for all, regardless of Unequal personal efforts by each.

The documentaries are flashes of the future of the United States, to me. Unless, we the people wake up, stand up, and speak up early on, concerining the abuses of citizens' freedoms by the Government.
The documentaries are a 'signpost up ahead- you're entering into the Twilight Zone', for us Americans

Maintained on YouTube by video-blogger 'CiudadaniaActiva', @

Seek out " A Revolution?" parts 1-8.  
Excellent view of a budding socialist state.
and begin sleepless nights....

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