Monday, December 15, 2014

"GoodBye, You Sick, Twisted Freak"

Fading Fast:  The Relevance of One Glenn Beck

"Hello, you sick, twisted freak," was once how Glenn Beck opened his nationally syndicated radio program, preparing his listeners to cinch up for a good, Conservative/Libertarian ride through politics in Washington.

Beck was worth listening to, then:  His appeal to me, at least, was that he was a recovering alcoholic, becoming re-born as a firebrand Conservative.  That journey requires some powerful changes to take place, and it was possible to witness them on the radio, live.  
Beck got a one-hour block of time then on CNN Headline News, where he stayed maybe one year, before moving on to Full-CNN, another hour long show, for another year or so.

Then he bolted for the Fox News Channel, where he (again, in my opinion) reached his zenith; Glenn Beck had the world by the tail, Glenn Beck was organizing his own versions of "million man march" on Washington, D.C., Jerusalem, Salt Lake City.

Then, in a move not unlike el Rushbo, Glenn Beck & company moved their headquarters from New York City southward.  In Beck's case, to Dallas, where he set up "the blaze (dot) com", and his own, fledgling news/entertainment cable network.

While Glenn Beck may well have been Limbaugh-Lite once,
he's no Ted Turner, by any measure.

Then there are the Glenn Beck Ghostwritten Best Selling Books. Not a one authored by Glenn Beck himself, instead the rights of which were reportedly purchased by him, and then published under his authorship.  That's too BarackObama~ish, too blandishly fake to be real for me.
Search "Glenn Beck ghostwriters" for more.

Beck's radio show, once # 3 in the USA, is now No. 5, and falling. The Blaze, annoys it's readers with very misleading, pandering headlines, like "This Little Girl's Reaction to Tasting Pumpkin Pie For the First Time, is Priceless", or something eventually, equally disappointing, such as "Seal Team Six Kills Another...."
then below the fold you eagerly race to find that some arctic seals, numbering six, kill a threatening shark or something absurd.

Then there is the continuing, annoying waste of my time on Fridays on the Glenn Beck Program, known as "Moron Trivia".
Don't ask.  It's run by morons, for morons, featuring morons.
The game involves insulting poor, uneducated (employed~!) people, for the amusement of his (insiders-on-the-gag) joke.
And this goes on for better than an hour of radio airtime.

Then there's the hourly, daily, weekly, monthly running joke about Jeffy, one his staffer's obesity, and sanitary shortcomings....

That kind of radio talk must be hilarious to the 3rd graders 
who are listening in ~!
Not me, not anymore. 
Glenn Beck insults my intelligence and wastes my time, from 8:06 am (CT) on.
Goodbye, you sick, twisted freak.
Creepy drunk


Mike said...

I also used to like Beck, but the turning point for me came when I listened to segments about how civilization was crashing down around our ears and how we must prepare and then went into a commercial break where Beck touted buying gold for the financial crisis ahead.

I also grew tired of his weepy rants. Hey, I'm an emotional guy - will shed a tear at the end of "Rudy" every time, have my eyes fill when someone talks about having their old dog put down and sometimes when I get to thinking about how much I miss my momma, I have to reach for a tissue, but I DON'T cry when talking or thinking about the treasonous scum that wield power in this country - no, I get quietly furious. I'm no psychologist, but it was plain to see Beck has some mental issues. Hey, you can be smart, you can even be right and still be emotionally disturbed.

The last straw for me was his interview ambushing Debra Medina, a Republican (actually conservative libertarian) candidate for gov. of Texas in 2010. He asked her if she would disavow any of her staff if they were 9/11 "truthers". Not to get too involved with it, but while I believe it was a terrorist plot and not masterminded by George Bush and his Zionist overlords -snicker - I do believe there are many questions that need to be answered and of which the govt. is less than forthcoming on. From what I read and know about her and verified by her follow-up comments, that's how she thinks too...and what millions of other patriotic Americans do as well.

So, don't go away crying, Beck. Just go away.

The Local Malcontent said...

I wish my knives were as sharp as yours, Mike~ Wow

Anonymous said...

I watched Glenn on CNN and then was a faithful follower on Fox at five o'clock… Very informative and revealing facts about power, the government, and the actors, in it… O'Reilly would have him on his hour and he would mock him… Glenn took it like a puppy dog… Did O'reilly have anything to do with Glenn leaving or did Glenn just want to move to Texas -- out of NY and start his own business.. Jump ahead 2 years and -- has he just gone a little whacko.?

The Local Malcontent said...

Anonymous, I agree with you, that GB had a dynamic future when he was working both the radio show and appearing on CNN or FOX, back in the day, in the manner of Sean Hannity.

I can't blame the guy for leaving NY for Texas, for once again, the state's wide open opportunities for success. I just think that it all went to his head, he thought of himself far more of a leader than he ever was-- plus, like I said in the post, his radio show's tendency to go off the rails regularly with stupid comedy, which lasted too long.
Have a good day, come back here often~!