Monday, December 8, 2014

Head Banging Among Big 12 Conference Football Fans

The field of four teams is set now, for the first, major-College football playoff ever.

All four teams arrived at the top four places, by winning their conferences' championship game.
Florida State defeated Georgia Tech; Oregon beat Arizona; Alabama whipped Missouri, and Ohio State killed Wisconsin.

Ohh~!  If only the "Big 12" football conference had twelve teams, instead of only 10, 
so they could compete with the big league colleges. 

A few years ago, four teams abandoned the Big 12 conference for other, greener pastures, where they could compete for higher stakes, and leaving behind what is easily seen now, as a second-tier conference, like the Mid-America or the Mountain West conferences.  Those lost teams, Nebraska, Missouri, Texas A&M and Colorado caused the Big Twelve to wither considerably, notwithstanding the addition of such great squads as the Mountaineers of West Virginia University or the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian University.

The leadership of the Big 12 conference should resign en masse, because of their poor leadership, and also because of their inept attempts of attracting other great teams into the Big 12 Conference.
They played their parts like they were whipped dogs, with tails between their legs, running away and howling in pain from the loss of those four teams.

And the national press, and the national powers that be, who choose the play-off teams under these new play-off rules, have shut out the conference from which 62.5% of every "mythical national champion" ever came, since 1930.

Way to go, jerks.

May I offer a suggestion, to you deadbeat heads of the Big 12 Conference?  ADD SOME TEAMS!  AGGRESSIVELY INVITE WINNING SCHOOLS INTO THE FOLD, LIKE Boise State, like Colorado State, like Memphis, like Air Force, like Brigham Young University, like Notre Dame~!

Or steal some big name, also rans from the bigger Conferences (notice, I said "Bigger"?)
like Arkansas, or Purdue or Minnesota.

There, I've listed here, nine universities with winning football squads, anyone would be proud to promote on a stage called THE BIG 12.  

My gosh, commissioners, you have failed us fans, us students, us athletes by your inaction so far.  And I think you should resign for it too.

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