Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Alone, Paid Shortstop Ozzie Smith's Salary

~ by buying so much Budweiser Beer:
Anheuser Busch, St. Louis, Missouri.

Once upon a time when I was but 17 years old, I found myself in a foreign, far-off place.  My parents were over a thousand miles away, and my best buddy Daniel (also 17) and I were on our own, two redneck, Indian boys working at a resort hotel on a beach front, far from Oklahoma.

I had sipped my granddad's beers before, and found it mostly detestable.  

But not there, not then--  At the time, I really liked drinking milk, believe it or not, and had swallowed gallons by that point,
loved goats milk as well,  BUT~  
where I was staying, where we were working, 
milk was more expensive than anything else.

They offered me a beer instead:  full of wholesome grains and proteins, and I began to accept the taste slowly, with my meals.

(Another great side story of that pristine time along this shore, is when I finally had enough money to buy myself a dinner and drink a tall glass of milk.  With my first swallow of that first drink of milk in over three weeks, the restaurant's muzak system began to play "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing".  
(To  This Day, this song is in my head, whenever I drink milk)

Anyway, I like beer. 
It is the accepted, communal drink of Choctaw men universally, usually in seriously great, truckload quantities.  

And Tom T. Hall said it best for all us guys:

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