Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I Say "Goodbye to The Past,"
and "Hello to The Past~!"

Let's say that 2015 will be an improvement over what we Americans had to endure in 2014. Afterall, it couldn't get much worse, huh?

Famous. Last. Words.

for what has changed really? America still has a narcissistic, ego-maniac in the White House, and a Congress which is eager to do all his bidding, regardless of the FACT, that they are comprised mostly of the opposing party.
Americans, being so disillusioned by government intervention and it's abuses of our individual freedoms, will still get distracted by their Smartphones, by their TV dramas, by their sports teams, by social media, by their most personal interests-- To, and Past the point where they, we, no longer even notice the slow, creeping onslaught of Socialism.

Welcome to the past, where you can be distracted, ever so easily, by whatever you desire, as long as you don't pay any mind to what your

Washington, D.C. politicians are doing to destroy your family's well being.

The Cardinals? Wow, they might win the '15 World Series!

Nearby Ferguson, Missouri, meanwhile continues to melt down into a racial Fukishima, ready to poison us all, everywhere.

The 'Redskins' name controversy?

What a convenient distraction away from the real troubles affecting Indian Country.

Even 'ObamaCare': While we are all looking to see if our new right-wing Congress will rescind that dreadful law, our attention is drawn away from our wide-open borders, where more than a handful of ISIS terrorists have just entered Texas, headed for God-knows-where, 
to blow up and kill God-knows-what..

And you will post your outrage on your own bloggies,

just as I will here, all to no avail: Because Angelina Jolie
just got a butt enhancement, or whatever...

We can do no more than that, considering that we all are stowing away cash in preparation for the financial bubble of 2015 to burst, while we are trying to find affordable foodstuffs, while trying to pay our "skyrocketing" electric bills, while we all are trying to find any, tiny piece of comfort, of solace, with which and by which, we make it through just another day...

You can pray, we should pray to our Lord Jesus Christ, that 
American matters will change, if it be His Will.

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