Friday, December 5, 2014

Questionable Downloads For Unremembered Purposes

Bits and Pieces I've downloaded with grand plans for blogging here, only to become distracted.  Behold:

"Today there is a tremendous amount of monetary distortion, on par with the 1929 stock market crash"

Comment: Cover yourself, be as liquid as you can be during the coming crash~.

"Wyoming Residents Most Conservative, D.C. Most Liberal"
"Conservative advantage" down from last year
Comment:  Times 100, and you get Oklahoma~.  Times 1000, you have Texas.  Also, considering that this is from January, 2014, the idea that our Conservative advantage is down, is hilarious.

"Laws without morals are in vain."
Benjamin Franklin
(Motto of the University of Pennsylvania)

Comment:  A good source of quotes on American Liberty.

Abortion statistics, from 2010 - .

Comment:  Liberal Women's War on Children

"If He Believes It, It Must Be So" Obama isn’t good off the cuff, especially when challenged; he is far better with a prepared speech. What emerged is an awful portrait of the leader and his conception of the world.

Comment: Americans have been schooled by this flim-flam man, Zer0bama.

Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Comment: Self explanatory, everybody wants to survive the coming onslaught of violence.

Choctaws helped starving Irish in 1847 – this act shaped tribal culture-  The Choctaw people have a history of helping others – one of the best examples is the $170 that was given to the Irish in 1847 during the potato famine. To realize the beauty and generosity of this story, one has to understand what a challenging couple of decades this had been for the Indian people.

Comment:  So let's all invent
the River/Stomp dance~!


The Lost Forest World of the World’s Largest Cave

Comment:  I love caves, maybe someday I'll get to visit this enourmous cavern in Viet Nam~!

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