Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Meaning of My Last Post
"Fourteen - 14":

The LMC post "Fourteen - 14" is my way of demonstrating that right now, to me at least, nothing coming out of Washington, D.C., nor from Conservative websites, makes any sense at all.  
It is all Obfuscation and Bullcrap being fed to us, from now on.
  • When our recently re-elected Congressional leaders, freshly imbued with a GOP-led Senate offer up a spending bill of $$ 1.1 Trillion dollars for fiscal 2015, fully funding Obamacare and the amnesty of some 5 million illegal immigrants, in spite of their campaign promises to oppose both, if not repeal both,
  • and when mob rule suddenly becomes the norm in cities and suburbs, common sense has been abandoned entirely, replaced by lies and gibberish.

"Fourteen - 14" began with video of an obviously irritated Ronald Reagan, taking charge and demanding respect.  
That was then; now all we Americans can expect are glib assurances from politicians that "all is going to be made right, again", total lies.  And the cover-up of total lies.

Fourteenfourteenfourteen.  fourteen.  When all the politicians get together to spread the same lies to the public, it becomes mere gibberish eventually.  

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