Saturday, December 27, 2014

"Things made from Iron and Sugar"

That was my Google search term roughly a month ago, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, when I was alone here at home, the beginnings of online-idea shopping.

That search turned up "Original Cheerios" first.  It turns out that the General Mills staple food is rich in iron, with only a little sugar, is wholesome and good for everyone of every age.  That last part has remained with me: "wholesome and good for everyone...".

Like someone I know and love so deeply~! 
Again like Cheerios' box, she has a great big heart, and has "been a family favorite for years".

Happy 6th Anniversary tomorrow, Leticia!!  I love you so much more than yesterday, but only half as much as I will love you tomorrow,



Mike said...

Cheerios has always been one of my favorite cereals, but I haven't bought a box of it in years. It has less sugar than most cereals, but it still has quite a bit. I pretty much just eat steel-cut oatmeal these days.

I watched a video a few months back about how they add iron to was REAL iron, tiny shavings.

The Local Malcontent said...

"The Simpsons" ... Krusty-O's cereal...

I saw the same documentary. YOU one funny guy~!

Mike said...

I watched The Simpsons movie, but don't think I've ever seen an entire episode of the regular show. I've seen some funny clips, but it's just not my cuppa, don't guess. I was a big King of the Hill fan and usually watch Family Guy when I can. I know it makes some conservatives angry with his slurs against religion and Seth MacFarlane is a big-time lib, but they miss the subtle digs at liberals. It's not "balanced" but isn't as bad as many make it out to be.

I went to the store earlier today and nearly bought some Cheerios, been thinking about them since I first read this post, but I would have had to bought some milk too, and I didn't want to buy that too. Pretty much quit drinking milk, too. (and I sure miss it, esp. with some choc. chip cookies!)

I sure like this new CAPTCHA, much better than the old one. They rolled it out a while back, just noticed it when I went to reply to a comment on my own blog - I didn't have it enabled before, but I guess it's now here for good.