Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Here's The Challenge:

I've had a mental block for over a week (did you notice?).  So last night, I 'googled' random topic generator', and was directed to .
Here's what I saw there:

By clicking on the bar, a simple sentence is generated in the empty space.  What I intend to do here is to click the bar three (3) times, and generate a whole blog post therefrom.  I will go first; if you are up to the challenge, do the same at your blog, and leave a link to your blog in my comments, at this post.  Let's GO~!

"He looked at his phone, turned pale, then quickly left the room. She watched him, smiling."  The message which the President read could only have come from the Commander of the European NATO forces, and that message might have said "Just give us the word, Sir, and we'll send in massive Air cover to that Benghazi outpost.  Waiting your Executive decision, Sir."  The President's immediate disappearance from the White House Situation Room was secretly, very good news for her, and so, the Secretary of State smiled.

"The old photos made her conscious of her age, of how much time had passed - and of what an interesting life she'd had."  It had been a life of controversy, some pundits would describe, but they didn't know the first thing about all of it.  She'd very carefully crafted and micromanaged every minute detail, even having a child with that philandering hustler from Hope.  Is there Hope in Arkansas?  There could be, if she played her cards, and also his, very carefully.  Her best quality, nobody would ever know:  How to manipulate hundreds of people's lives through deception and money even murder perhaps, to reach her own, personal goal:  To be the most glorious female leader in the history of the entire world.  The mere fact that she had actually only ever been a bystander-witness to history and nothing more, reached only a few perceptive minds around the United States.  And who were they, compared to her and her feigned glory?

"Spare some change please?"  That phrase became the daily mantra of literally tens of millions of Americans, after the Crash of 2015.  The financial crisis, orchestrated by her well-placed friends and minions throughout the government, meant that the average American, who once lived comfortably within the 'middle class' or better, now had worthless, deflated dollars in their pockets, and nothing at all in savings accounts.  After all, the banks which were "too big to fail", turned out to be "too big not to bail out".  Her lobbyists urged and paid their legislators to enact vapid Banking Regulations which consumed all savings that were held by banks nationwide-- with the bona-fide, iron-clad promise, 
that once Hillary was elected to the nation's highest office, your funds would be promptly,
assuredly returned, with nominally taxed interest, backed by the former United States.

See you in 2017, Hillary.

Other compositions need not be so hateful.  I guess I still have a ways to go, I don't feel like this was the mental laxative I'd hoped it would be~


The Local Malcontent said...

Four years ago, this blog post would've generated 10 responses, and therefore, 10 similar blog posts.

I'm so close to quitting this bloggie, and now, here's another reason to.


Mike said...

I was scrolling down, looking at the content you've posted over the last week. (b/c of your rant in the last post)and saw this. I get your posts in my reader and meant to reply, but forgot.

I was working in a liquor store while going back to school several years ago and I was helping the old lady who owned the store (w/ her husband) count the money after closing. She was ten cents short and she turned to me and said "Buddy, can you spare a dime?" and I just laughed and she went on "Bet you don't know what that means, huh?"

I assured her I did, that it was from an old song from the Depression era. She was amazed at my knowing that and I told her if you didn't remember - or know - the past, you were doomed to repeat it.

I remember when a dime would buy a telephone call, a candy bar or pack of chewing gum...or two sanitary napkins out of the dispenser in the girl's locker room. (because some of the girls would come to me to break a quarter or dime for the nickle to use in the machine, knowing I wouldn't make fun of them for doing it...I grew up with two sisters, so that particular monthly female event wasn't something to make fun of.