Friday, January 9, 2015


I'd like to hear "Entry of the Gladiators" played on a calliope, with Cherubs and milkweeds on it,

as I chow down on three Sonic-Drive In Super Sonic Cheesburgers with hickory sauce, no lettuce, and large orders of Tater Tots, and a single Cherry Coke,

then watch the Dallas Cowboys beat Green Bay, with my pants unbuttoned.

If it's not too much to ask, I'd like to watch the funniest Three Stooges comedy, then watch two turtles mating; then a chimpanzee roller skating, some UFOs,

Zerobama getting egged, 

then discover some buried gold treasure in my backyard, from the Confederate army. 
and ~I wish Dillon was here with me to celebrate~.

Aren't you sorry now, you asked~!??  I'm 46 on Sunday.


Cathy Monroe said...

Enjoy your Sunday and have a happy birthday.

The Local Malcontent said...

Thank you Cathy, thank you.
You interest me, I must confess....

I love the Bronx, and you're from there and I love reading about life there.

You have a great Sunday too, please~!!

Mike said...

Hope you have a happy birthday, buddy.

Here's a "funny" for a birthday present: I was reading an article about Obama's threat of veto of Republican legislation and Pelosi was saying she and the rest of the progtards would make sure the vetoes weren't overturned. In the comments section someone said they were glad she was retiring and some clever wag said she'd have to leave California b/c they had banned plastic bags there.

Literally made me LOL.

Terry said...

Ron, Your birthday wishes/plans sound great. Happy Birthday. Hope to meet up over a cup of coffee sometime at the Yanush store when we come to our property off Anderson creek road.

Take care....

The Local Malcontent said...

I'll take Pelosi in a plastic bag-- that IS funny, Mike.

Terry!! Long time no hear from, man.
No: Too long time! Let me know some how, when your down here and we will have coffee!