Tuesday, January 6, 2015

In Un-Related News:

Today, January 6, is the 8th birthday of The Local Malcontent Bloggie.

My beliefs haven't changed very much~!


Mike said...

Wow, I think we started on Blogger around the same time. I'm not for sure exactly when I started b/c Blogger "lost" a few months of my first posts.

Congrats! Here's to 8 to 80 more!

The Local Malcontent said...

Thank you sir! You should post a birthday blog then, too.

What time of year did you begin? Is Top of Texas Gazette your first bloggie?

Mike said...

I guess mine isn't as old as yours; I found what I think is my first post in June '07, but I'm still thinking I started a month or so before that. Whatever,it doesn't matter.

Yeah, first "true" blog, I guess, but I had "sites" on Excite, Yahoo and a few other places, but I really cut my teeth in MSN Groups. When they announced they were closing within a few months, that's when I decided I'd check out Blogger.

In the official MSN Help group, people were discussing alternatives to Groups and I mentioned I was going to get a Blogger blog and she said "Oh, I hate blogs...they're so ego-centric." This was coming from a woman who was over-officious in her management style, everything had to be about her and she was anal about posting to the right message board "You'll only get one warning!"

Of course they're ego-centric - no matter the subject, it's about things we - as the blog owner - are interested in. Mine is all over the place, just like my interests. I also like our types of blogs because we're not monetized (at least mine's not, didn't think yours is) and we're not pressured into trying to make a buck or having to post several times/day.

Mine's just a hobby, something I enjoy and highlights the things I find funny or my favorite music and jokes. I really need to take more photographs of this area, but sometimes that takes more effort than I want to expend on something so insignificant as my blog.

That said, a few of my posts w/ photos are among the tops in Google results, such as my Cast Away beginning and ending scene posts. I also get a few hits on some of the more controversial things I've posted, such as one on Catholics and the Masonic Lodge, another titled "My Sister's Feet" (not what it seems like, but it brings in the fetish crowd) and "Gay Irish Dwarfs", the actual title of a blog I found extremely funny. I have had to close comments on a few posts, some political and one on rattlesnakes in Palo Duro Canyon that ticked some folks off, plus the park supt.

I've "met" some other fellow Bloggers, but most have either stopped posting or I've lost contact with most of the rest...all but you! Having you as an online friend has been one of the best results of my starting a blog!

Terry said...

Ron, Keep up the great work. I love readying your posts about SE OK. Hope to live down that way some time.

BTW- Is that Anderson Creek after 4" of rain in the background??