Monday, January 12, 2015

It's Now A Palate Cleanser: The Xylophone, Kazoo and Orchestra Jazz Piece

Mike, A blogger Friend,  at the "Lower Kansas Gazette" blog,
offered me his version of "THE WORST MUSIC VIDEO- EVER".

He's right.  It can be found here, I'm NOT blogging it:

The "Three Second Rule"

Wow, uh horrib luh, blashvomitgehm=== I wish I had steak knives to ram into my ears.Really~

Instead, here is a dizzy, aimless, and gentle little attempt at Jazz music, performed on a xylophone and accompanied by a clever Kazoo and orchestra, which will help your day go better, after you've upchucked last nights dinner, after listening to Lisa Gail Allred's vain attempt to
achieve trailer-trash-dom.

What a novel idea~! I Love this now!!

See How Minds Can Change, Instantly?
 I Love Mickey Xylophone Music.


Mike said...

Now, I don't think it was "the worst" video, but worse than the other video you posted...maybe not by much, but it definitely was the clear winner between the two, right?

I've watched some stinkers on YT, but I'd have to say either this video or maybe this one would be worse than 3 Second Rule (not a bad SONG, just the singing of it) or any one by Avril Lavigne.

The Local Malcontent said...

Oh, Gawd, now I'm expecting death-by-audio.

Let me first update my will~

The Local Malcontent said...

first video, I could only stand 27 seconds. I'm ashamed of you an of me both for that~

Is that some kind of Islam sh!t?
Is that even a human voice?

Of the second link, not so bad, really, I've seen that vid before with only a shrug. But
did you see the YouTube link to Jan Terri's "Skyrockets" video?

Now that will make you want to stab your eyes out; remembering every fat lady you've passed on the street, as a possible terrorist, walking a little dog.