Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jazz Music for Xylophone, Kazoo, Accordians and Orchestra

Now, my ears really hurt~!

Unpleasant at any , uhm, uh, wow that  was  bad.  Jeemenie,
Wow Awful. That was bad.

Listen to this at the risk of wasting nearly three minutes 
of your life~

It's jazz xylophone and Kazoo, accordians and saxaphones and trumpet,
circa 1926 to 1935, the Speakeasy era.
The central melody can't even be detected, just like the exits....

Presenting, The Worst Music I've Ever Heard:


The Local Malcontent said...

Musical Hell. Satan plays this record over and over in Hell.

Mike said...

Oh, not sure it's THAT bad. Bad, sure, but...

Here's my nomination for just about the worst song ever - the SONG isn't so bad, but would have been much better if done by Dolly Parton, Reba...anyone else, I imagine.

3 Second Rule

I want to jab an icepick in my ears by the 2:30 mark, but right after that I'm ready to stick a gun in my mouth.

The Local Malcontent said...

I stand corrected. I could not make it past 1:40 seconds of that awful noise.

Mike said...

The funny thing is I bet the melody stayed in your head for hours after hearing it. Like I said, the song song is cute and clever, catchy, but the delivery is hell on Earth.

I had some neighbors quite a few years back - the guy was the youngest brother of another guy I went to school with. One Sunday they were having a party, loads of cars parked up and down the street, noise, loud music, the usual. It wasn't so bad until they played that Katrina and the Waves song "Walkin' on Sunshine" literally a hundred times in a row. People started leaving and I always figured that was his plan

Mike said...

song song...strange I wrote that. Might be a brain tumor.

The Local Malcontent said...

Mike, you only imagined that you had neighbors who threw a party; it was a dream you had, and continue to have, whenever you don't take your prescription prescription meds.

Remember the electrodes? remember?

sounded like Three Second Rule when we had to turn up the juice on you???

Mike said...

I was at the doctor's once, getting a minor bit of surgery done and it was my first visit and I introduced myself to the man and shook his hand. I've always had sweaty palms and he commented on it. I replied that it was common with me, always did it when I was a little nervous.

Anyway, after he was done and writing me a script for some antibiotics, he gave me another prescription for Xanax and told me that would help w/ my nervousness. Sheesh, I hadn't even asked him, but went ahead and filled the prescription.

They were the full strength ones, I was later told and I took one and for a while I was really at peace w/ the world....and then I slept an entire day. I wound up giving them to a girlfriend who regularly took them, along w/ the rest of her female family. I don't see how ANYONE could get hooked on those - I like to sleep, but I also like to dream and I don't like sleeping the clock around.

Other than that, I've never been on any medication for anxiety or depression. Now, I've taken a fair amount of OTHER things, but I could always take 'em or leave 'em. If I ever had a "problem" with anything, it was with the weed. Used to love to smoke and might still if it wasn't illegal and against nearly all company's policies...and wasn't so expensive.