Friday, January 16, 2015

Little Dead Riding Hood

Jonbenet Ramsey would be 24 years old today.

Justice Is Served~


Mike said...

Mercy, it doesn't seem that long ago that this happened.

I did some quick reading about it to refresh my memory on the case, but from what I can tell, they have no more of an idea who did it than they did the day after it happened. I guess you're pointing the finger at the mother and I wouldn't argue; I always figured the parents had something to do with it if not doing the actual deed themselves.

I remember first seeing the photo of JonBenet all made up f/ a pageant and thinking it was a young woman "Wow, she's hot." and then reading the caption under it and realizing she was just a little girl. It disgusted me then and still does to this day. Instead of swaying public opinion against these types of pageants, they grew in popularity, with several TV shows about them.

The Local Malcontent said...

JonBenet's brother also suspects his mother, Patsy, as the murderer of his little sister.
And as you say, there has been No new evidence suggesting anyone else but the other three, family members were in the home Christmas morning, in 1996.

I think that photo of Patsy, holding her hands to her throat at the headstone is her confession, actually~

Mike said...

I hate those types of photos, the ones that are supposed to be spontaneous but are anything but. They remind me of Slick Willy on Omaha beach in Normandy for the 50th anniversary of the D-Day landings. He was being filmed and was laughing and yukking it up, then noticed the cameras and turned all solemn. He then made his way down to the beach and put together a cross out of rocks.