Friday, January 9, 2015

Living From Paycheck To ???

He wrote-a-975-million-divorce-check-to his ex-wife- she rejected it.

I was sitting in the Choctaw Hospital's Family Practice waiting room this morning, awaiting a nurse to call my name (I have a sinus infection and ear ache), when I saw the news on
CBS' Morning Show:

The ex-wife of Oklahoma billionaire, Harold Hamm, has cashed his settlement check, in the amount of $974,790,317.77, after first threatening an appeal to her divorce proceedings settlement.  

974 Million dollars....  Who the hell would turn that down??

Ex-wife Sue Ann Arnall did, at first.
She's deposited the check now, as of this writing.
So is that all the story?  Gold-digger hits Jackpot?

NOT from my point of view~  
For you see, I grew up friends with the ex-wife, Sue Ann Arnall
in Poteau, Ok.

She was a 1974 graduate of Pot. High School, and attended the First Baptist Church, where I knew her from.  She's like ten years older than me; I am better acquainted with her little brother, Olan Arnall.
Sue Ann and Olan have an older sister too, but I don't remember that sibling very much.

What makes Sue Ann memorable to me, before hearing her name this morning on CBS' Morning Show, is the memory of how oddly both her parents "died".

Her mother Ina Arnall went missing and was never, ever found; rumors grew rampant and spread like wild fire about the whodunit-- But Sue Ann's father, Henry Arnall was a bigwig in LeFlore County government, as well as my Sunday School teacher, so of course, he was both the first, best, and the least likely suspect, 
all at the same time.

About six years after Ina Arnall disappeared, without a single trace, her father Henry committed suicide, it is widely suspected, theorized, by steering his vehicle into the path of an oncoming 18-wheeler, on well known and accepted- treacherous Arkansas Hwy 71.

Both deaths (?) stunned the residents of Poteau, of LeFlore County,  and everyone felt over-flowing compassion on the Arnall's three orphaned children, fearing for their sanity and their futures.

NOT anymore.  I'll bet that the next reunion of the Class of '74
Pot High graduates will be an event not to miss~!

never got to this point!

Now comes another Pot High graduate, and Sue Ann's attorney, the genius attorney Ron Barber, Tulsa, to explain that "... temporary, post-trial market conditions are not relevant," 
Ron Barber, one of Arnall's lawyers, said in a Dec. 31 e-mail. "Commodity prices was only one of many factors involved. Looking at selected factors over a very limited time frame is meaningless."

Ronny Barber is another LeFlore county locust.

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