Wednesday, January 7, 2015


hat tip, facebook friend Greg Aydt.  

People with guns kill people, just as people in cars kill people.  Both guilty parties are brain damaged.
Or soul damaged.

I remember hearing a sarcastic call for abolishing knives, because of stabbing deaths too. reports that hundred within that city are murdered each year, with the nation's harshest, strictest gun laws.  

You know what would begin to prevent more murders each year, than more gun laws??
An expidited death penalty.  Simple as that.  Convicted? You die within 1 year, too.

Or your mommy and daddy are executed for your crime.  Now that's a bold solution to gun violence~!

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Mike said...

I just got through watching a video off of YouTube called The Virgin Killer, about Elliot Rodger, the privileged, warped sicko who went on a rampage and killed and wounded a large number of people b/c he couldn't get laid.

In the video was a speech by one of the victim's fathers who blamed the gun culture and the NRA for the death of his son. I understand his loss and grief, but was infuriated at his reaction. The way I see it, guns can get banned and violate the rights of 99.99% of the people who legally own them, or we can "bend" the right to privacy (a little bit more) and make sure crazy bastards aren't allowed to roam free. Seems to me that wouldn't be violating nearly as many people's rights as would a gun ban.