Friday, January 30, 2015

Welcome To Blogger Insignificance

Personal blogs are already dead, so it's said.  And I believe it.

Blogging was never more than individuals who decided to speak out, and speak out Online, where my words are living forever. I'm currently still in 2007, promoting Tom Tancredo for President, somewhere...

We bloggers wasted our chance; wasted our ONE chance; We wasted our opportunity, for Change like We wanted:  We spent valuable time blogging about goldfish, or the Beatles, or Space, or Spades.


so, What is left for us dedicated bloggers?  Idle Distractions.  so here is some idle distraction:

Tomorrow:  I will reveal the identity of the little dog who left his owner in Tennessee, because 
he was sexually intimidated by her~!

1 comment:

Mike said...

I don't care what anyone thinks of what I do with my own blog - it's worth at least as much of every bit of money I spend on it.

That's $0.00, btw.

What it DOES do is give good and inexpensive entertainment value; I amuse myself, my family and friends who visit and sometimes the infrequent visitor who finds something to read or see on my blog via a search.

I don't remember posting any goldfish videos, but I may very well have. I have posted Beatles tunes*, things about space and computer Spades. (and it won't be long until I reveal my 1000-game results I've been working on for nearly two years!)

*(That said, I HAVE posted about what a dirtbag John Lennon was and what a progressive idiot McCartney turned out to be.)

How can I correct "America's wrong courses" with my insignificant blog? Answer: I can't. How can I compete with other political blogs and forums who actually make money off their websites? Again, I can't. Truth be told, they're just repeating stuff they read on OTHER blogs and websites and giving their opinions or putting their own spin to the story. It's a full-time job running sites like those and there are usually quite a few people behind it.

Besides all that, I don't have the time nor inclination to battle with the knotheads who would disagree with me...and there's several million more of them than me.

I do my best when it comes to "correcting America's wrong courses" - I have donated time and money to campaigns (not that it did any good that I could tell) and I always vote. I try to correct lies and misinformation when I see them in forums, msg. boards and blogs. (for all the good THAT does) but I'm tilting at windmills.

Face it, you can buy people books and they'll just chew the covers off 'em. People don't want facts, man...they just wanna hear the things they want to hear and have their own beliefs validated, even if it's by some lyin' sunuvabitch.

So, I'll just stick with my pathetic excuse of a blog; maybe I'll post some kitty cat pictures tomorrow - after all, the 'net needs more pics of cats, right?