Wednesday, January 7, 2015

You Assimilate or We Annihilate

Islam is like a form of deadly, spreading cancer in a body.
If the body and its' other, healthy parts want to survive,
the cancer must be removed, by any means.

By Any Means.

Keeping Islam at bay need not be an inhumane option, despite what the US media may tell you; the concept of 'tough love' even comes into play in this situation:  To annihilate all the followers of radical Islam by swift death would not be a pleasant, or a viable option.  That sounds so much like what the Nazis did to the Jews in 1930s Germany.  Like what the Turks did to the Armenians too, 100 years ago this year.  

Put them onto planes and get them out of France, out of England, out of Norway and Sweden, the United States, and back to Somalia and Yemen and Pakistan, IF Muslims do not choose to totally adopt the established ways of the hosting country.  
~With the best wishes for their futures:  don't come trying to change our country, our culture; go back and change yours.

This B.S. called "multi-culturism" is brought to you, brought to me, to us by minority, neo-liberals who are so short-sighted, so narrow minded, who believe that "our cultural norms and beliefs must also be theirs, because everyone must be just like me, a believer in the Utopia that can be achieved."

Wrong.  So wrong.  So misguided.

Yet it is never wrong wanting to encourage and perpetuate peace within the borders of the country one finds him/her self.

Perhaps this example will be helpful:  I have both a Muslim friend from Pakistan, who came to America to better himself, and then I had a full blood Choctaw employee at the McAlester casino, who is a radical, Choctaw First adherent.   The Pakistani man whose name is Mohammad, came here to America, to Oklahoma in order to find peace, make money and raise his family.  I look forward to seeing him whenever I can, at the small convenience store chain (2 stores) he owns in McAlester.  He is always a breath of fresh air, always funny, congenial.

The other man in this example was a slot tech at the casino who never missed any opportunity to put down our White, or our Black employees, or even our 'thin-blood' Choctaw native employees.
In those days at the casino, I thanked God that I only had to put up with 'Nathan' only four hours, two days a week--- Because those eight total hours were so unpleasant and ugly, being around him.
Nathan was fired finally, exactly because of his overt racism by way of guest complaints, but only after months of internal, fellow associate-complaints against his superiority class comments.
We sent him away.  Back to whatever backwoods, inbred hole Nathan came from.  And that is what the world also should do with Muslims who do not choose to assimilate and make nice.

In the present case, if Removal to their ancestral lands is followed, the host countries and their governments will undoubtedly be slandered as "RACISTS".  We ought to be able to withstand that empty accusation from the flower-power crowd.  After all, this crowd is already enough of a problem, without having to also contend with factional fighting with uninvited, outside groups.  The Liberals insist that we 'embrace their (Islamic) Hate' in order to create a better world.

Until hateful, murderous gangs come for the Libs, Utopians....

Move them all, for free, back home, to change their own cultures first, before coming into ours.

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Terry said...

Sounds reasonable to me. Suspect there are many muslims like your friend.