Monday, February 16, 2015

All-Star MVP @ MSG

~And That's A Winner!!

Russell Westbrook, of the Oklahoma City Thunder, scored 41 points in the West(brook)'s win over the East in the NBA All-Star Game last night at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

It was a rare NBA game for the two of us to watch last night; but literally there was nothing else worth our valuable time on TV to be honest;  and I'm really so glad we did.  

For we were privileged to see a really great, down-to-earth athlete, a devout Christian, excel at what he does, at what he loves.  Watching Russell Westbrook effortlessly glide through the East's "defense" to the basket, or to the 3-point line (where he was 5 of 9), GLUED US TO OUR SEATS, in anticipation for when the West would next get the ball, and what Westbrook would/could/MIGHT do next.  

Westbrook scored 27 in the first half: A record for the All-Star Game.  His total 41 points was 1 point shy of the all time record, held by some guy back in 1963....  LOL  
(the great Wilt Chamberlain)

But it is his grace, his manner and his style, which oughtta permanently endear him to fans' hearts.  Russell Westbrook IS ONE CLASS ACT, IN A PROFESSIONAL GAME TOO OFTEN HIGHLIGHTED BY IT'S ODDBALLS AND IT'S CRIMINALS.

No wonder he loves Oklahoma City, and that team~ The Thunder.
Mr. Westbrook, were you to hear him speak, were you to read his words, would impress any Baptist preacher with his devotion and his knowledge of the scripture of The Bible, his devotion to his/our Lord Jesus Christ, and Westbrook's own personal life is a Christian testament.

It's just so nice, to see good men excel, knowing, KNOWING that they are your brother in Christ.
I know somebody in Oklahoma City who needs a raise, besides me~!

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