Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hillary {Positive}

((note: In an ongoing effort to keep my little bloggie, "The Local, Lovable Malcontent", viable under the new and draconian regulations implemented by the FCC overlords, I am continuing with ONLY PRESENTING THE HAPPY NEWS, ABOUT AMERICA.))

Here are ALL the positive things, which can be said about Democratic candidate for President, 
Mr. Hillary Clinton:

  • Mother of one seriously homely child:  Chelsea (Claude) Jefferson Clinton-Mezvinsky
  • Flew more than 1 Million miles around the globe as Secretary of State, claimed "an accomplishment"
  • Unindicted co-conspirator, Kill-Bill Group
  • Uncredited author, Kill Bill movie script
  • Worked For, and Wrote love letters to Saul Alinsky,  a recognized, Chicago JOOO-hating JOOO
  • Loves riding bicycles along dusty, dirt roads
  • Your 70-year old Granny


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