Thursday, February 26, 2015

Life In A Bucket

Mama, Please Don't Condemn Me to
Only Life in A Dixie Cup!?
Please,Mama, Please?

2015 American Values:  Democrats LOVE Killing "Fetal Germs",
Which Could Grow Up 2B Retarded Conservatives

((note: In an ongoing effort to keep my little bloggie, "The Local, Lovable Malcontent", viable under the new and draconian regulations implemented by the FCC overlords, I am continuing with ONLY PRESENTING THE HAPPY NEWS, ABOUT AMERICA.))

This is the lame, Liberal-think, God-is-Dead, web-neutrality, Obama supported, Hillary endorsed::

Let's All Kill Our Children in the Womb~!
None of whom would be conservative-voters today,  AHEAD, BELOW:

Let's take a moment to look at the Bright side of Infanticide, aka Abortion:

Celebrate Death with Barack 0bama~!

Celebrate Death with Nancy Pelosi~!

Well, that says it all. The sanctioned murder of our children by the Democratic Party of America tells us that our future is indeed in the yet-unborn-hands, and in the wombs of Conservative Women, who choose to love and birth their babies:

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