Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Precious Memories

One of my most cherished memories is the several times my great-grandmother, Notre Dame Malcontent, would sing to me as a very little boy.  
We're talkin' about 4 or 5 years old here~
Her favorite hymn, and mine now, was what she would sing:  "Love Lifted Me".

Growing up a Baptist boy, I was fortunate to hear that hymn in a semi-regular rotation at the First Baptist Church, Poteau, I suppose; I know that I sang it in a Baptist Church more than we Methodists sing it nowadays.

Likewise, I sometimes yearn for the great, old-time, hell-fire and brimstone sermons from a Baptist preacher; unlike the serenely comforting, 'go ye forth and be of good cheer' homilies, most notably from Wesleyan Methodist ministers.   

Sometimes it is good, really good to get knocked up the side of your head, kindly-- I suppose, to get realigned to God's Will for your life.

But I digress, and preach; 
"Love Lifted Me"
is such a simple song,
but with overt sentiments
and meaning, for me.

The thought of sinking into anything:: Mud, snow, cow/dog/cat pies, all of that is gross.  And being stained forever by such, is unthinkable, like a tattoo you choose while your drunk out of your mind~.  That's forever.

But 'sinking and stained in/by my sins' is gross to my Savior and to my Creator, and it covers way more than just my feet or my shoes, it covers me completely.  
I'm gross to my Creator, to my Father God, and to His Son, Jesus.

Now, whenever I get the chance to sing in front of a congregation, either at my own church, or a Talihina-wide, 5th Sunday service, where/whenever, this hymn is my first choice, in English or in Choctaw.

But Thank You Most Holy God, for sending us Your Son Jesus, into this world.  To complete the experience which You knew from us, Your Creations, with Your own Spirit.  Jesus, who was born in the most humble form known at the time, in a barn, then guided by the Holy Spirit, grew to become a man who single-handily, by His grace and by His actions, could/would act as a guide for the rest of ALL HUMAN KIND, AND BOTH SEXES.

And by His crucifixion then, His shed Blood (for ME!), then our salvation forevermore, Amen.  

HOW Great Thou Art~!

"I have sinned before You, O God," a Televangelist once ironically cried; Haven't we all???

And Hasn't our nation, America, done so, likewise, too, also, in addition to?

We individually, communally, and nationally should all drop to our knees, and Acknowledge our sins, asking God to please forgive me/us for those sins, and then strive thereafter, to try not repeat those Sins against our Most Holy Creator, Jehovah, from whom we derive .... everything we know. 

On behalf of the United States of America, Lord Jesus, I plead and ask for Your forgiveness for our many, many sins against You.  Thy Will Be Done Here on Earth, As It is Done in Heaven, for Thine Knowledge is so far Greater than mine own, so beyond my understanding.

Our trust IS in you Lord Jesus, for what You will for us is always just.  But please forgive our nation for its' ignorance and its' sins; Keep temptation and Satan, and Your Wrath from us for awhile longer; for we can change, if it is Your Will, with time.

And the congregation said together, "AMEN".

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