Tuesday, March 3, 2015

facebook blackout

suddenly, last summer.

Facebook is hacked, downed like a springtime flowering tree bud, cut off by a weird week of extra-wintry weather, truly unknown before this moment, until the beginnings of time~~.

this has never before happened, Face Book slammed into the Pavement Book, like this...
it might leave a socially, long-lasting mark~

Sorry, whirlwind in Washington, and sorry, careless in Colorado:  you're on your own fer now,

Overpaid in Oklahoma

Facebook has seen fit to delete my page over there, for whatever reason.  I am not unhappy, since Facebook is known to comply completely with the National Security Agency, "another known malcontent", bent upon disrupting the lives of real Americans, like me.


sucked anyway, it was a pain in the ass to juggle it into my lifestyle, 
so I do not miss it.
Zuckerberg has made his billions, why should he worry about little ol' me?  Not that I fault him for that - and in fact, there are billions of ways around his/the Feds free, little online data feed,
called FaceBook.  

You should beware of ANY huge govern-ment like ours, headed by a slick, snake-oil salesman named Obama, who hates you anyways, looking into your freely-offered lives via FaceBook.... they, neither Zerobama nor Zuckerberg are good, decent people.  

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