Friday, March 27, 2015

In Less Than 5-1/2 Years~

No Peace in our time, thanks mainly to
the 2009 Nobel "Peace Prize" winner.

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to brand-new, controversial leader Barack Zerobama. What foolishness it was, in light of the current ignition of the flames of war all over the Middle East.  

War in Syria, war in Yemen, ISIS in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Yemen; stable yet un-corraled leaders in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia toppled or assassinated, thanks to United States' foreign policy; imminent war with Russia over Ukraine, unresolved conflicts within Afghanistan and Iraq, and finally threatening violent words from the leaders of Venezuela and North Korea against the United States.

Not to mention the dishonest treatment of our best friend/ally Israel, as well as one-time allies Japan, India, South Korea, & at one time, even Russia.
Now, on perhaps the verge of WWIII, maybe Oslo, Norway should be carpet-bombed, for it's compliance in fomenting the coming war.

What a Legacy.  But that's our Barry Soetoro~!,
winner of the now-Bogus, now-worthless, Nobel Peace Prize.

The five members of the Nobel (nominating) Committee are appointed by the Norwegian Parliament to roughly reflect the party makeup of that body. The 2009 Committee comprised two members of the Norwegian Labor Party, one from the left-wing Socialist Left Party, one from the Conservative Party of Norway and one from the right-wing Progress Party. The chairman of the Committee was Thorbjørn Jagland, former Norwegian Labor Party prime minister and Secretary General of the Council of Europe since September 29, 2009. The panel met six or seven times in 2009, beginning several weeks after the February 1 nomination deadline. The winner was chosen unanimously on October 5.[9] but was initially opposed by the Socialist Left, Conservative and Progress Party members until strongly persuaded by Jagland

Jagland said "We have not given the prize for what may happen in the future. We are awarding Obama for what he has done in the past year. And we are hoping this may contribute a little bit for what he is trying to do," noting that he hoped the award would assist Obama's foreign policy efforts

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