Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Let's Put This to Bed:
"Local MalContest" Trivia Ends In a Push

Can we talk??!

The idea of bringing back "The Local MalContest" from its' relative success in years past, is a flop.  I am thankful for the 5 (FIVE) guesses from four friends, and I thought someone would surely, literally read, the answer I'd woven therein.   But alas not.

Most of all, I hoped to regain some lost readership of my bloggie. That didn't happen either.  So, what is the answer to the Question,
"What was my first job?"


Let's review the clues which I gave:

Clue #1:  In the post titled "The Local "Mal-Contest" To Return", posted on Friday, the 13th of March, I wrote:  ... be watchful for it. I'll Highlight it in the Blog Title.

Clue #2:  The Title of the particular blogpost in question.  "Somebody's Having A big Day. Could Ir Be You, Too?"
 I DO know how to spell "it".  It doesn't have an R in it.... Day + IR  DaIRy.    Of course, this could also be "Raidy", but no.

Clue #2-A:  My first sentence at the 3/16 post above, was:
I've never talked about my very first job, as a young teen-age boy, in Poteau, Oklahoma before here on The Local Malcontent... in 1940, LOL....  
2015 - 1940 = 75yrs.

So, there's that first clue, "Dairy".
And for the very discerning reader, ir all in ir's entirety. 
Was my job at a dairy farm milking cows, churning butter?

Clue #3:  Clue number 3 was in the body of the post itself, aligned along the left margin, the first letters of each line:









Go and look, if you can't believe ir's simplicity~
So, since nobody won, we could do one of two things:  

Try another one, with the prize-contribution doubled, for a winner's favorite charity, or maybe donate to a deserving charity which appeals to a wide array of people?  
The latter one of course, because an $800 donation in a winner's name, 
could throw somebody into unnecessary IRS trouble....

So, this former Dairy Queen sodajerk, banana-split creator,
and lover of hot fudge Sundaes still-- 
will faithfully contribute $400 to 'Day Spring Villa', a shelter for abused women and children here in Oklahoma, because as they say
"Domestic Violence & Sexual Trafficking Are Never OK"

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Terry in OKC said...

With that kind of puzzle clues for your first job it is now wonder none of us got it. As you said, the clues were there, we just didn't "get it".. Kind of neat trying anyway..... Keep up the good work. Check ur e-mail. I will be sending you a link about the Irish and the Choctaws...