Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Mr. Obama Is Near"

Lovingly lifted from WaPo, this:

For  Obama, Camp David often ranks as the venue of last resort

On Monday, when Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani visits Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland will once again serve as the venue for important geopolitical negotiations on seemingly in­trac­table issues, a role it has played for more than seven decades.

But as Secretary of State John F. Kerry and other Cabinet members host the Afghan president, one major U.S. figure will not be present: Mr. Obama.  

His absence is just one signal of how the role of the cloistered compound in Catoctin Mountain Park has changed under this president, a city dweller who prefers gym workouts and golf courses to hiking trips and fly-fishing expeditions.

For several of Obama’s predecessors, Camp David was a critical refuge from the public spotlight and a chance to spend time outdoors, as well as a forum for soft-touch presidential diplomacy.

For this controversial leader
its role has receded.

When he wants to woo or entertain foreign leaders such as Chinese President Xi Jinping or Jordan’s King Abdullah II, Obama has opted for California’s Sunnylands retreat, which offers plenty of sunshine and an 18-hole golf course. 

When he’s looking to relax on his own, the woods are rarely his first choice.  Looks as if he prefers the "Weeds" in all his golfing photos~

Shortly after Obama took office, first lady Michelle said the “most unexpected and uniform advice” she had gotten from her predecessors was to go to Camp David “early and often.”

White House officials say the first lady - at times with her daughters - visits a fair amount. Obama, however, has not warmed to the place in the same way as some previous commanders-in-chief. Obama has made 35 visits to Camp David since taking office, spanning all or part of 86 days....

At same point in his presidency, George W. Bush had made 119 visits covering all or part of 375 days.

During a 2010 White House dinner the Obamas had with a group of historians, one of the academics asked the president whether he had taken advantage of Camp David to avoid the pressure of the job. Michelle Obama interjected that the president was “an urban guy” not that taken
with the place, according to multiple participants.

Who needs a tranquil, wooded retreat
when you are an urban, metro-sexual guy?? 
Who needs to find peace, solitude, even one-ness with the forest, when the mean streets of Chicago are more your bag? 

Who needs abundant nature, in all it's glory to assist you in some hard decision, when you merely follow your marching orders issued by your Iranian-born Boss?

That's why, I would be shocked, SHOCKED, if Barry Soetoro ever tried to come to Southeast Oklahoma, or to any heavily, forested, wooded place for retreat, rest and respite.
Perhaps the people of Rock Ridge said it better,
when they welcomed their new Sheriff into town:

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