Saturday, March 21, 2015

OK, Then.
I'm Afraid

Well, if nobody is able to guess 'Where my first job' was, then America is indeed in trouble, because the "Right" is not able to see thru the dimmest of hidden trivia questions.  

3 Steps, to a $400 bonanza, for yourself if you wish, your Fav charity, or toward your tax burden, or to Hillary Clinton, any other pol.--

All CLUES you need, since I am a beneficent Malcontent, can be twilled from that one single post.!

I have bentted over backwardedly to help you tosspend mymoney.  

All I can conclude is that your favorite charity DOESN'T MEAN THAT DAM MUCH TO YOU~ otherwise, you would dig deep.

Go and make your educated, sly guesses as to where, here, not here.

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