Friday, March 13, 2015

The Local "Mal-Contest" To Return

Leticia and I decided last night, that I could announce the return of a Trivia Contest to my bloggie, like I had
in the past.  

It's called "The Local MalContest".
For reasons beyond me...


In a couple days, I will post a Trivia question, a very very, very very very
hard Trivia question here,
and the first person who answers the question correctly, in the comments section, will receive:

A $400.00 DONATION TO YOUR FAVORITE CAUSE.  Even To Yourself, if you're that mean.
That includes to your favorite politician's campaign.

That's right, Libs, make me contribute to Shrillary's election, only if you are smart enough though~

We did this maybe three years ago, now four years ago.., with such great results: We donated monies to The American Cancer Society, The American Wildlife Fund, and to St. Jude's Medical Center for Children.  
And It Was All Good, all for God,
& we had a good time, was pleased to do so, in the winners' names.

So be alert, come back here in a couple days, and be watchful for it. 
I'll Highlight it in the Blog Title.

Same rules as before:  
NO 'Googling' for the answer.
I must know *your email address, and *your full, REAL name, upon winning.
*Always kept private

There will be a time deadline, to be announced, and followed, with the Trivia Question.

Are You Ready To Rumble, For Your Favorite Cause?  For the Arctic Gorillas?

Stay Tuned...  Here~!

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