Tuesday, April 21, 2015

4/21/2015= I'm Really Having a Pretty Good Day~!

Nothing serious going on, except that I'm feeling cold (it's cold and rainy out), but I'm having a really good day.
Unusual, huh, for a 'known Malcontent'?
Today is my beloved, late grandpa's 101th birthday.  Heyyah, Papaw.

Despite being a life-long Democrat, he once confided to me that he voted for Richard Nixon for President twice, before swinging back Dem. for his last 4 Presidential elections.  Yep, he and I disagreed on Reagan, but I couldn't vote, so what difference did my voice make, back then~!  He also told me, that if I ever told anybody (then) that he'd voted for a Republican, he'd call me a damn liar... even though he really did!!

I believe that I know what my extraordinary, old Choctaw mentor would have to say about Hillary Clinton, yet as a Christian man, 
I cannot say those words here. 

Speaking of Hillary D. Clinton, here is her campaign's new OFFICIAL campaign theme song, debuting exclusively here on 'The Local Malcontent':

"The Hillary Waltz 2D Presidency", circa 1935,
when Hillary was in the 2nd Grade, and one year before
she perfected the polio vaccine.

(it is rumored, however unverified, that little 7-year-old Hillary is playing the kazoo on this recording as well; there is very little research being done to establishment as fact, and the future=tense Pres. isn't saying anything about the claim)


Sean Robert Meaney said...

I have a plan for America (that place where my ancestors came from before Washington set up a dictatorship and forced my ancestors to declare the north bit Canada).

Build a billion population city on long Island.
Divide mainland usa into half national park and half farm land.
Demolish all the old cities.

The Local Malcontent said...

Your plan is half-way done, Sean; Good on ya~!!

I like the 'demolish all the old cities' part, too... Chicago first, then Detroit.