Sunday, April 12, 2015

And So the Season of Hillary Begins

The wacky Democrats are putting their best pinch-hitter up to the plate:

Former carpet-bagging-Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton has announced the poorest kept secret in American history today:  That she's running for President in 2016.

How many good people must die this time, for her to achieve this goal of hers?

Since the Democratic party is bereft of new ideas politically, their intent is to resort to novelty once again, in the female personage of Hillary.  Here's her campaign's logo:

Notice the fat legs of that letter H-- they're huge, they're thick, just like hers~!

Notice the far-too-simplistic square block style, like a challenge to a 4 year old, asking, "which two blocks are the same?"  In Hillary's case, the blocks keep changing color and shape, depending upon her most current revision of history.

The red arrow points to the Right:  and it looks phallic.  That part probably represents Bill....

The best quote I've seen regarding this logo of Hillary's comes from Jim Treacher 
of the Daily Caller, who quipped:
"This isn't @Hillary Clinton's campaign logo.  She just left her blinker on."

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