Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Enemy Base Destroyed by 'L-D Sonic Beam'

There are many mysteries in our universe and this certainly one is for the record books.
Could it be possible there are wars going on between alien races that the public is completely ignorant to?

In an exclusive Oct. 31, 2011 Exopolitics TV interview, the human representative of the Andromeda Council confirmed that a 5.0 earthquake reported by the U.S. Geological Survey (U.S.G.S.) to have occurred in the Gulf of Aden at 1:22 am on October 31, 2011 was in fact an effect of a sonic beam weapons attack by the Prozion star system (members of the Andromeda Council) on a Draco & Reptilian undersea base located at the same coordinates as the epicenter of the Gulf of Aden earthquake.

In an October 31, 2011 statement, Tolec, the human representative of the Andromeda Council stated,
 “Yes, I was able to confirm this event with the commander of the primate biosphere where many of the Andromeda Council meetings are held.

This was a strike by the Prozion people. They’re just doing their job as promised. This base in now completely collapsed & destroyed.”

Tolec, the human representative of the Andromeda Council, forwarded this reporter this statement confirming the Andromeda Council attack.

At the time Tolec forwarded this statement, Tolec had no prior knowledge of the U.S.G.S. map or other source setting out the exact epicenter of the Gulf of Aden earthquake when he forwarded the Andromeda Council statement about this attack.

The Andromeda Council Oct. 31, 2011 attack comes a little more that two months after the Andromeda Council’s reported sonic beam weapons’ attack of August 23, 2011 that destroyed underground Orion grey and Draco & Hydra reptilian bases and tunnels under Washington D.C. and that resulted in a shallow 0.1 km earthquake felt from Virginia to Ottawa, Canada.

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The Andromeda Council is a reported galactic governance council composed of selected star system representatives that carry out governance and development functions in war-torn  areas of our populated and organized galaxy and universe.

In unrelated news, The Andromeda Council has approved the division of the State of Oklahoma, on planet 1035Ã3-cO/N, (Earth),  BACK into two states, one eastern state for Civilized Indians and the other, westerm state for those pesky, reptilian, Plains Indians. Here's their offering of proof, the new map of the United Snakes:

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