Thursday, April 9, 2015

Here Come The Kaliphonies ~
Let's Show Them How We Really Feel

From D.C. Clothesline:

In December 2014, NBC Nightly News reported on a massive amount of rainfall that fell in a 24 hour period. In Southern California, it was 8″ or more in spots.

During the broadcast, an NBC reporter interviewed Fritz Coleman, a Southern California Weathercaster for KNBC, who stood aside the swelled Los Angeles River and said: “All of our water – we sit and watch it run down the L.A. River and we go – see ya.” The reporter then claimed that, in fact “85% of all the rain water that falls in Southern California is wasted.” It is not collected or diverted. It is allowed to simply run out to sea.

And why is that? Well, of course – it’s radical environmentalism and the extremist policies they push, with the aide of their willing accomplices in the California State House and Governor’s Mansion.

Just as they do nationwide to our energy sector – forcing the closure of hundreds of coal plants, not allowing drilling on federal lands or permitting the construction of nuclear plants, these environmentalist wackos have all but caused the drought conditions in California.

So here come the Kaliphonies back East, escaping their man-made Dust Bowl.
Back to areas of the country, where common-sense water policy
has been in effect since at least 1945.


There IS, in fact, one particular form of discrimination and bigotry, which is perfectly normal and fully accepted within the US borders.  Can you name it?

It is the discrimination exhibited against Conservative, Republican, Christian ways of life.  

We all see proof of that form of discrimination on so-called 'news-channels' like NBC and CNN all the time; most university campuses along the east and west coasts and most recently, with an interview of Presidential candidate Rand Paul on the "Today" Show, NBC.

And since this form of discrimination is completely acceptable, I would suggest to the leaders of several Red, conservative legislatures in Topeka, Austin, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Baton Rouge, Lincoln and Jefferson City to refuse Liberal immigration fleeing California, bent upon destroying our states next with their disastrous environmental policies and other hair-brained ideas from settling into our part of the country.

~~Exercise our discrimination, it's OK~!  It's endorsed by all three broadcast networks, the Executive branch of government, and the Democratic National Committee.

It could sound something like this:  
"Humm, ma'am, it says here that you were a registered Democrat, back in San Bernardino.  Is that correct?" 
"Like yeah, and??"
"What about your uh, six children, here, are they also Liberal?"  Just keep on moving lady, try Chicago."

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