Monday, April 13, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton's Famous Laugh, Explained

Honest Injun, this is true:  Some female hyenas have penises, too. 
--Just like the male hyenas!!

And just like another more familiar, related, American family, the Clintons:   
Bill has one, Hillary has one, Chelsea got one two~!

Posted here is a rare family reunion of the Clintons, in 2013, videotaped secretly by the Secret Service assigned to protect former President Bill Clinton, otherwise known as the Condom Squad, guarding them both against bimbo eruptions. During which, one clearly hears Hillary's famous hyena laughter as she swings her
erect manhood around:

Do you hear Hillary's recognized, shrill laughter, as she and the Clinton family frolics?

But as everyone has suspected since 1973, Hillary the hyena has a biggun, uhh somewhere, in a lockbox, I'm told; 
As to how often she takes her dingy out for a sail in the breeze, I don't know that.

Hyena laughing, that's Hillary- to a tee.  The shemale bonding which 'she'  tries, with everyone, including her married, female assistant at State, is what will be revealed in the next 18 months, for all the world to cringe AT.

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